Molly's Summer MUST Haves!

Molly's Must haves!.jpg

Summer has always been my favorite season. Long days, warm nights, feeling like a constant vacation, etc. There really isn't anything better!

This summer, there are some major “must haves” on my list! 

First of all, every girl needs a one piece in their swimwear collection! I am really loving the fact that one pieces are back in style now! They are so flattering to women’s bodies and they are also so versatile! Wear it all day at the beach and then throw on a pair of high waisted shorts and it becomes your new body suit! Check out Molly J Swim's one piece, The Momo! It comes in three awesome colors depending on your style: 

The next most important thing everyone must have is sun protection!! Nobody wants early signs of aging, am I right!? My favorite brand right now is Bali Body! I love oils because they make your skin feel so soft. The best part is that they sell oils with sun protection in them! (If you are extra fair skinned, I highly suggest wearing a stronger SPF!) 

Cool beach towels are a must this year with Sand Cloud being my faviorte! No more boring terry cloth rectangles. The Sandcloud brand offers all of the following: circular shapes, fun prints, tassels and fun!  I also love them because they donate 10% of their profits to saving marine life! 

HYDRATION! Summer days laying at the beach in the sun (maybe having a Corona or two) can be very dehydrating! That's why Waiakea is my go-to water choice! This Hawaiian volcanic water is naturally alkaline and infused with electrolytes to keep your body hydrated all day long! 

Whats on your your summer must have list??! Let me know in the comments below! 


Molly J