How to care for your bikini

It was recently brought to my attention that some people don’t know how to properly care for their swimwear! (*Cough, cough Sara*

Designer swimwear definitely isn’t cheap! So it’s worth taking care of. If you want your swimwear to last, here is exactly how to wash it. Also, here are some helpful tips to keep your swimwear in tip top condition for years! 

  1. MOST IMPORTANTLY! NEVER ever put your bikini in the washing machine!!! Washing machines are very harsh and you should never put anything delicate in it. (Same goes for the dyer) Swimwear fabric has lycra in it which breaks easily under stress and heat. 
  2. The best way to wash a bikini is to let it soak in COLD water for at least 30 minutes. You can add a mild soap (NOT detergent) and swish the bikini around in the water. 
  3. DO NOT wring out your swimsuit. That is the fastest way to wear it out… Instead, lay it flay to dry. Make sure it is not in direct sunlight. If you are really in a rush and need to dry your suit fast, use a hair dryer on COOL air. 

Swimwear care tips:

  1. When you are at the beach, avoid sitting on rocks or rough surfaces without a towel. Careless booty placement can easily ruin your bikini! 
  2. Rinse off after going in salt water or chlorine whenever you can. (White is the most sensitive color to chlorine which makes it turn yellow!) 
  3. Avoid getting sunscreen all over your suit and be sure to fully rinse it after. I suggest putting on sunscreen before you put your bikini on! This will help you to ensure that you don't miss any spots!
  4. If you can, try not to wash it after every use. Definitely let it soak in some cold water, but it is not necessary to use soap every time. 
  5. Swimwear is in it’s most delicate state when it is wet, so you should let it rest to regain its shape after each use. Lay it on a flat surface in a cool, dry, shaded place. 

I know this is more work than just throwing your suit in the wash! But trust me, these tips will keep your bikini looking new for so much longer! 

If you know of any more swimwear care tips, let me know in the comments!! I’d love to hear your input!


Molly J