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Imagine if we lived in a world where no one had insecurities. Where everyone loved themselves and everyone was happy in their own skin. Sadly, I don't think that will ever happen, but I hope I can play my small part in making a change for the better! 

Social media can play such positive role in the world and it can give someone a platform. But it can also be extremely negative. Have you ever scrolled through instagram and seen all these beautiful girls? You start wishing you looked like them… you wished that you had their body, or their hair, or their life in general? I know I have. I am 100% guilty of this. I think we all are. 

Because I am on the other side of social media influencing as well, I understand the flip side of this. These “perfect” girls you see on instagram aren't actually “perfect” (because no one is perfect). They may post a “perfect” picture (from a pro photography team), but outside of instagram, they are just normal girls. When I go to the grocery store, or out to run some errands, I am not doing that all glammed up, I am probable heading out with no make up on and in workout clothes. You have to remember that these are all normal girls! 

It has taken me a long time to gain my self confidence. It may look like I am a super confident girl, but this has been a LONG time coming, and I am not all the way there yet. All through out my school years, I dealt with some awful bullying. I started modeling at the age of 8. This for some reason would make boys think I was “stupid” and girls think I was “conceited.” I never understood how people could make these judgments without even knowing me. 

Now that I am older, I have come to realize that I don't need anyones approval. I don't need everyone to like me. I just need to love myself and be happy with the life I have created. If I am happy with who I am and what I am doing, no one can change that. I have also learned to be happy with my body and know that it’s whats on the inside that really counts. 

For this blog post, I wanted to reach out to the Molly J brand community and find out what confidence means to them! I also wanted to know if they ever struggled with self confidence because I know we all have. I think it’s really beneficial to read other girls stories and know that you are not alone! 

Carly Biron


“Confidence is not being afraid to strut your stuff, being able to not let what others think get to you and to love yourself and your life. I used to struggle with confidence, a lot. I cared way too much what other people thought of me, how many "likes" I would get on instagram, what I could be doing to make people like me more. Then I realized how unhappy I was. Once I changed my views and realized that people will like me for me, and support me whatever I end up doing then I became a lot more confident and happy. Molly J swim gave me a lot more confidence. With all of my posts, I have gotten amazing feedback from people. It made me so happy and I didn't even have to go out of my way to try and get that type of feedback. I feel so confident in Molly J Swim! I love the style of the suits and the way they flatter your body. I recommend it to everyone I know!”

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Tiffany Pietras

Confidence is “a good feeling about who I am, what I stand for, and where I come from. My Gram in Montana always reminds me to never forget who I am and where I came from, both in regards to keeping myself humble being from a small town in Montana and knowing I'm a child of God.” 

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In regards to Tiffany's stuggle with self confidence: “I think it's safe to say almost every woman struggles with this. It's an ongoing thing. We are our own worst critics. But I think it's important to remember who we are and that we are all children of God. And that He makes no mistakes. I have great close girlfriends and we are constantly supporting one another and keeping each other on track of our own personal goals - Whether it's fitness related, work related, or religious - And to not judge or compare ourselves to anyone because all our bodies are different. 

It's a constant battle to accept myself and the way I look. It's hard being naturally thin and have people body shaming. It's hurtful, but I just remind myself that the ones close to me know the truth and that's all that matters.” 

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Caroline Callahan

“Confidence to me means to be fully trusting in myself & my beliefs. I think it is really important to accept your mind and body regardless of any flaws you think you may have and not compare yourself to other people (as hard as that may be!). Confidence is sexy & I think everyone should be reminded of that!”


In regards to struggling with confidence, Caroline said: “I have definitely struggled with self confidence. Living in an age that is fueled by social media gives off the impression that you have to be a certain body type to fit in, have the perfect smile, have the best clothes, etc. and I personally don't think it's right at all. I'm not going to lie, I have experienced this recently and after a lot of thought, I came to the conclusion that everyone is different and you just need to be happy and content with yourself. I think that regardless of how you perceive yourself and others, everyone should be building each other up instead of pulling each other down. Molly J Swim has for sure given me a platform for confidence. I have always loved swimwear, so promoting Molly J Swim has been an opportunity for me to put myself out there & hopefully inspire people to go onto the website! Even seeing such positive feedback on my posts and having people Snapchat me the billboard makes me feel great, because when people who know me see it and think of me, I know I've done a good job!”

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Shannon McHugh


“I believe that confidence means being comfortable in your own skin. Confidence is feeling good about yourself and your ability to achieve the things you want to achieve.  One of my favorite Pinterest quotes is: "Worry about loving yourself instead of loving the idea of other people loving you" 

In regards to Molly J Swimwear, Shannon said, “Before Molly J Swim, I would never put on a cheeky bikini, I was afraid of the way I would look in it, so I avoided it at all costs.  I loved the way girls on Instagram would post pictures and look amazing in these types of swim suits.  When I put on my first Molly J Swim suit, I thought to myself.. "Alright, I can wear this.. this doesn't look half bad!" 

Shannon said that she feels so confident because, “Molly J Swim suits fit like no other swim suit I have ever owned and I can't get enough!!”

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Kelly Furdon

“Confidence means accepting who you are as a person and learning to live and thrive comfortably in my own skin.”


In regards to struggling with self confidence, Kelly said, “Yes, I have struggled with self confidence and it's been difficult over the years, but I feel as if Molly J Swim has effectively helped me learn to love myself more and help me remain positive through the Molly J Swim message! We are all navigators of our own destinies and it's important to embrace that and honestly just love yourself for who you are! I feel super confident strutting around in my Molly J Swim!! Molly J Swim has helped me get to where I am today and I know it's just a swimwear line to some, but to me, it has completely affected me in a positive way and I'm so excited to be a part of this team!!”


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Grace Sohoel-Goldberg

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“To me, confidence isn't just about how you look but it's about being happy. If you're happy with who you are and what you stand for, then no physical appearances have the power to dictate your worth. However, looking good and feeling good have a tendency to resonate with one another. Even on days when I don't look my best, I'm still confident in who I am because I'm more than my appearance.”

I also asked Grace if she has ever struggled with self confidence. Her answer was, “Yes, I struggled with anorexia for several years, was hospitalized and suffered extreme complications such as liver and kidney failure. I hated what I looked like for a long time. I'm still not totally comfortable in my own skin but I've learned that I have a lot to love about myself, not just how I look. Since becoming weight restored, my body has become a bit disproportional with a lot of my weight going to my chest. Finding a suit that fits and is cute makes me feel super comfortable. I feel like when you're comfortable, you're the most confident.”

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Andria Martinez

“Confidence can be seen as loving and believing in yourself. The first step to gaining confidence is to love yourself.”

When I asked Andria if she ever struggled with self confidence, she said, “I have for most of my life. It could be seen as not feeling confident with myself as a person to feeling confident in my body image. I come from a "Spanish" background, I am a Latina. We pride ourselves in love, family, and acceptance. I grew up from a great home and was living in America, but it's hard not to notice how different you are then the rest. At that time of my life, I was feeling under represented. There were no minorities in the media that were presented as "beautiful" until women like Jennifer Lopez, Gina Rodriguez, and Beyonce came along. They changed how beauty is defined, along with breaking the stereotypes of minorities. I don't know when it happened to me personally, but there were summers when I wouldn't put a bathing suit on and my self - confidence was at an all time low. However, I began to love myself. I know that I am healthy and happy. A weight on the scale won't change that and the media doesn't have a hold on me.

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Grace Lucchese

"What does self confidence mean to me? Self confidence is something that only you can feel. No matter how many people tell you how beautiful you are, you have to believe it for it to become true to you. Being self confident is the feeling of warmth of being in your own skin not wanting to jump out of it when you feel out of your comfort zone."


"When I was younger I used to be "the fat girl" to the boys and girls in my grade. Later into the 7th grade I found out I had Hypothyriod disease, which was causing the me to gain weight even if i didn't eat much. I am currently a senior in high school and I chose back in the 7th grade that I was no longer going to be the fat girl. So I started to change my future and work my butt off to lose weight.. once the body I had worked for finally was shown there was no coming back. Yes of course I am still self conscious but who isn't?  I can not think of a time before Molly J Swim that I felt confident enough to rock a bikini in front of people or better yet post pictures in one. Molly J Swim makes me feel important and just as beautiful and confident as any other girl who slips into these baithing suits. Molly J Swim has brought my self confidence to a level that I have never reached before and I am forever thankful!"

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After reading all these beautiful ladies stories, I hope you have gained a little more self confidence! Know that we all struggle with self confidence. No matter how "cool" a girls life looks on instagram, or how "perfect" their pictures are, they all have insecurities. Know that you ARE beautiful, you ARE loved and you ARE enough! Play your role in making everyone more self confident by building each other up! No more judging, no more body shaming, and NO more negativity. With the current state our world is in, all we need is more POSITIVITY. So go out today and compliment someone! Tell your friends and family how much you love them and how much they mean to you. Go out and spread some KINDNESS! 

Tell me your story in the comments! Have you ever struggled with self confidence? What does self confidence mean to you?  

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