We are currently living in the social media age world! Everyone wants to be an instagram model, everyone wants free stuff, and everyone wants to be “insta-famous.” 

Now, there is definitely a right way and wrong way to go about doing this! I recently made a YouTube video explaining how to work with brands and how to make brands want to work with you. 

I thought I was the perfect person to speak on this topic because I have both perspectives! I am a social media influencer myself (you can follow me personally at @mollyjcurley) and I am an entrepreneur and own my own brand: Molly J Swim! I know what I want to hear as a brand from an influencer who reaches out to collaborate and I know all the WRONG things to do as well! Be sure yo watch the full YouTube video so you get the details on all my tips listed in this post!

Here are my top four tips for collaborating with brands on social media: 

  1. Be a FAN first! Engage with them and actually be a fan before you reach out. You can’t just DM a brand an say, “Hey, lets collab!” You need to follow them, be engaging with their content and truly love their product. This will keep your collaboration authentic. 

  2. Do your RESEARCH! Most websites have ambassador tabs or media/PR/marketing email addresses on their website. Do your research and check out the website before you DM them on instagram. (Be sure to watch my YouTube video to hear my BIGGEST pet peeve that some influencers do!)

  3. Follow up! If you get sent free product- Follow up after product, be a part of the community. You have to be engaging with their content and engaging with your fans who are asking about their product. Also, another good tip is to always do more than promised! 

  4. You have to have something to OFFER! Even if you don’t have hundreds of thousands of social media followers, it’s still possible to collaborate with brands! If you are an amazing content creator, create a media kit to send out to brands. Showcase your best content creation skills and pitch yourself to the brand as a content creator. 

Watch Molly J’s YouTube video to learn more about collaborating with brands and becoming a social media influencer! 

What do you guys think about these tips? Do you have any more?! Leave them in the comments below or comment on my YouTube video! Xx