As the crisp fall air begins to creep up on me, I cannot help but crave a warm vacation under the sun. The transformation from summer to fall is never an easy one because of the lack of warmth and the constant need to “grab a coat.” This is unless you go on a vacation somewhere with a warm climate that will revive yourself from the lack of vitamin D it has been yearning for. Not to mention, this is also a great excuse to wear your newest Molly J swimsuit!

Some of my dream vacation spots have coincidentally been places I have seen my favorite bloggers post while visiting themselves. Isn’t it funny that we see someone we admire online and want to participate in things just as they have?



My current number one travel place is Sivan Ayla Richards inspired and is Capri, Italy. Coincidentally the location that inspired Sivan’s new born babies first name. Capri is an island in Italy’s Bay of Naples that is well known for the rugged landscape, upscale shopping and designer fashion. Among other things, the coastline that attracts many yachts and boaters because of the electric blue water and underwater caves. This destination is one that I can only dream of wearing the Tulum Molly J Swim bikini in white. The soft and stretchy premium ribbed fabric will be perfect for tanning on a boat (hopefully yacht) while floating alongside the vibrant colorful houses overlooking the crystal clear water. The cage design on the front and sides of the top add flare while the bow tie back gives the suit a preppy, classy look.



Another destination I aspire to travel to is the Eastern Caribbean island of Saint Lucia. Home to volcanic beaches, reef diving sites, and luxury resorts. The Bora Bora Molly J swimsuit would be perfect here because of the colorful tropical print. The supportive top offers options on how you desire to wear it depending on your activities planned. You can wear the top with the additional band to create a bow and add cleavage but you can also wear it without the band and go for the sports bra look. I love that feature! Saint Lucia calls for reef diving and this suit is as practical as it can get. The thicker straps offer support throughout the day in a comfortable and stylish way. Not to mention the Bora Bora printed bottoms are high waisted which is ideal for water activities. The bottoms are a hybrid between cheeky and full coverage which gives the suit a bit of exposure but still family friendly while traveling!



The last destination on my current bucket list is a goal that is more attainable in the near future. Because of time, travel expenses, and overall freedom from the college workload, Orange County, California is a trip that I personally hope to take within the next year or two. Home of Laguna Beach and only an hour south of Los Angeles, Laguna Beach has it all. Breathtaking cliff top settings, this destination is an outdoor enthusiasts dream. Snorkeling, scuba diving, body surfing, and hiking are just a few options to keep you busy outside for hours. Along with music festivals and other opportunities to explore culture and shopping, of course, this destination has something for every traveler. California is a location that I hope to wear the Aquamarine Momo one piece (IT’S CURRENTLY ON SALE!!) from the Classic Collection (all on sale). The criss cross string cut out on the front gives the suit a chic finish while still being practical for exploring California in. The back is very different and sexy because of the deep V open back and cheeky butt cut. What I love about this one piece is it can double as a bodysuit and can easily be worn out in public places by simply adding a pair of jean shorts. The versatility of all three suits mentioned are great for exploring new travel locations and perfect for a new Instagram photo!


As someone who is obsessed with the sun almost as much as I am obsessed with not staying in one place for too long, my love for traveling is madness. The constant need to become more cultured and experienced in a world that is always changing and growing can be difficult to keep up with. But my desire to travel and meet people is an obsession that I hope never goes away because of my constant determination and need to be better and do better. The Destination and Classic collection give me the chance to not only follow my own path but feel totally confident while doing so. As the popularity of social media increases and the amount of users practically doubles by the minute, it is hard to not compare your own life to those you see on the internet. By doing things that make you feel good and genuinely happy in your life you are helping to spread positive energy. Traveling and doing things with people you love is an opportunity, that if you are lucky enough to have, you should totally take advantage of; while looking cute in Molly J Swimsuit of course.

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